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Gay gangsters humiliate boys

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Fuck Like Crazy

It’s like walking into their bedroom and you catch these real life lovers right smack in the middle of their nookie. Damien Crosse and Franceso Di Machio are too beautiful to watch in this Raging Stallion update. Two hot muscle men fucking like crazy – where Francesco gives his all and pounds Damien with all his fury. The usually top Damien, takes it all with that glint of love in his eyes. Awww. Quite heart warming, actually.

Victor Steele

Whenever I get together with my friends and we discuss Raging Stallion and its formidable array of studs – Victor Steele remains a much favorite topic. First, because he’s undeniably gorgeous, second, he’s got a fab chiseled bod, third, he’s got a steel hard thick rod that could prolly kill you if you guys have been on it for eight hours or more. WTF. Besides that, I think Victor’s also getting in the latest trend of gay porn stars getting jobs as fashion/ramp models. How kewl is that, no? And for that reason alone, I’m willing to spend 8 hours or more getting fucked by this dude. Who cares if I bleed and die from it?you can carve on my headstone – Died for the love of Steele. Check out this Stallion at Raging Stallion.

Steady stream of anal emergencies

There’s a steady stream of anal emergencies at Fisting Central and currently on the stretcher is RJ Danvers who has been complaining of an itch up his arse. Dr. Jessie Balboa is determined to find the cause and give adequate treatment but it seems his left paw is doing a good job taking care of that annoying itch. Sure Dr. Balboa’s methods may leave RJ a rosy, red wide poop chute in the end, but it’s all worth it.

Banging Latino Guy On Both Sides

A threeway is always a sure method to get rid of that pesky sexual boredom. And then, there’s nothing like a willing, hot, insatiable bottom such as Tiago Rio to raise the bar a little higher than usual at Bang Bang Boys. Getting both his holes plugged at the same time is an absolute delight for this Latino jock – and as for his fuck buddies, Lucas and Ricky Ferraz, both were quite intent on having their way with him. Right. As if Tiago would protest.

Muscle Guys XXX

No more games. It’s time to be the good partner and give his thrilled and excited mate what he’s been searching for. Damien surrendered all of his cock to Qpid, in which Qpid accepted wholeheartedly. He showed his appreciation by licking it down to its base and swallowing it whole – and after several passionate tongue lashing and nipple play – Damien pounds the shit out of Qpid. Yeahhh. Nothing like two muscled studs going at it like there’s no tomorrow. Check it out at Sexgaymes.

Stallions gay sex

Max Schutler does not strike me as the type who’d bottom. But apparently, he does enjoy taking it up his poopchute in as much as the same way as he’d like giving it every once in a while. In this update from RagingStallion, Max Schutler and Nick Gurovich play a naughty of game of hard ball. I don’t know what this photo does for you but in my case, seeing lovely Max with his arse cheeks spread wide, his leg up in the air and his pink balls hanging like that make me wants to jump in and make it a double.

Banging latino Gabriel

What do you get if you put together a cock hungry latino jock and pair with a big dicked arse hungry latino jock? Easy peasy. Another sizzling Bang Bang Boys update of course. Above is boy slut Gabriel Liarh. This is one hot boy I’d definitely bend over and let his way with me. Turns out though that he prefers being bottom and according to the site, this kid’s sexual appetite is insatiable. Needless to say, this clip is just dripping with so much boy juice you’d be fapping ’til you are all sore and tired yourself. Me likey.


Second update from our bevy of Aussie hotties are Kyle and Angel. Together, these two look like yin yang symbols. One dark haired sexy and the other, a lean and adorable blonde package that just screams, “Oooh fuck me!” and fuck they do. C’mon, two boys stripped down to their speedos, alone on top of a rocky ridge? What else is there to do? And hey folks, I just discovered something else that make Aussie boys seem so special: just hold yer breath and watch the cum shot. I don’t wanna include any spoilers. Check this out at Sexgaymes.

Impressive piece of man meat

Oh My! Cute as a puppy and hung like a horse! Luke Hass (not to be confused with that cutie of another kind) is becoming such a big thing nowadays (if he’s not already) and I am not only referring to that impressive piece of man meat he’s got down there. In his blog, he says that since he has done Grunts, he’s been getting quite the attention. And well – Luke deserves it. Not only because he can fuck and party with the rest of them – but also because he’s Mr. Nice Guy after all. And the more I read his personal blog, the more I’m beginning to think what a beautiful person he really is. And it just so happened that he’s got an incredible dong and a hearty appetite for another guy’s dong and ass. My kinda guy. If you click on this link, you’ll be redirected to Luke Hass’ video collection under Raging Stallions with a solo photo set also thrown in, check it out.