Raging Stallion

Victor Steele

Whenever I get together with my friends and we discuss Raging Stallion and its formidable array of studs – Victor Steele remains a much favorite topic. First, because he’s undeniably gorgeous, second, he’s got a fab chiseled bod, third, he’s got a steel hard thick rod that could prolly kill you if you guys have been on it for eight hours or more. WTF. Besides that, I think Victor’s also getting in the latest trend of gay porn stars getting jobs as fashion/ramp models. How kewl is that, no? And for that reason alone, I’m willing to spend 8 hours or more getting fucked by this dude. Who cares if I bleed and die from it?you can carve on my headstone – Died for the love of Steele. Check out this Stallion at Raging Stallion.

Stallions gay sex

Max Schutler does not strike me as the type who’d bottom. But apparently, he does enjoy taking it up his poopchute in as much as the same way as he’d like giving it every once in a while. In this update from RagingStallion, Max Schutler and Nick Gurovich play a naughty of game of hard ball. I don’t know what this photo does for you but in my case, seeing lovely Max with his arse cheeks spread wide, his leg up in the air and his pink balls hanging like that make me wants to jump in and make it a double.