Impressive piece of man meat

Oh My! Cute as a puppy and hung like a horse! Luke Hass (not to be confused with that cutie of another kind) is becoming such a big thing nowadays (if he’s not already) and I am not only referring to that impressive piece of man meat he’s got down there. In his blog, he says that since he has done Grunts, he’s been getting quite the attention. And well – Luke deserves it. Not only because he can fuck and party with the rest of them – but also because he’s Mr. Nice Guy after all. And the more I read his personal blog, the more I’m beginning to think what a beautiful person he really is. And it just so happened that he’s got an incredible dong and a hearty appetite for another guy’s dong and ass. My kinda guy. If you click on this link, you’ll be redirected to Luke Hass’ video collection under Raging Stallions with a solo photo set also thrown in, check it out.