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Steady stream of anal emergencies

There’s a steady stream of anal emergencies at Fisting Central and currently on the stretcher is RJ Danvers who has been complaining of an itch up his arse. Dr. Jessie Balboa is determined to find the cause and give adequate treatment but it seems his left paw is doing a good job taking care of that annoying itch. Sure Dr. Balboa’s methods may leave RJ a rosy, red wide poop chute in the end, but it’s all worth it.

Itchy Arse

Ever got that itch that you just can’t reach? Same thing with Boyhouse he’s being plagued by an inexplicable itch and promptly went for a check up. Dr. Kain asked him to strip and to bend over for a thorough exam. He probed deeper and deeper but still could not find the cause of the symptom. I’m thinking maybe patient Boyhous has been faking it all along and just wants the good doctor to handball him. Go to Fisting Central to check out this scene from Asshole Emergency.