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Fuck Like Crazy

It’s like walking into their bedroom and you catch these real life lovers right smack in the middle of their nookie. Damien Crosse and Franceso Di Machio are too beautiful to watch in this Raging Stallion update. Two hot muscle men fucking like crazy – where Francesco gives his all and pounds Damien with all his fury. The usually top Damien, takes it all with that glint of love in his eyes. Awww. Quite heart warming, actually.

Steady stream of anal emergencies

There’s a steady stream of anal emergencies at Fisting Central and currently on the stretcher is RJ Danvers who has been complaining of an itch up his arse. Dr. Jessie Balboa is determined to find the cause and give adequate treatment but it seems his left paw is doing a good job taking care of that annoying itch. Sure Dr. Balboa’s methods may leave RJ a rosy, red wide poop chute in the end, but it’s all worth it.

Naked hairy latino guy solo

Versatile bottom Steve Cruz reminds me of another hawt tattooed Latino – Chris Nuñez. If that tattoo god decides to do gay porn – *coughs* – I could only wish. And if you think I am only settling for a second choice in Steve Cruz – Hell No – Steve is another dish (similar) and yet different from that Miami Ink stud. I could stay up all night wanking to his videos. Steve is a stunning fuck muffin. I’d like to get an opportunity to bury my head in that hairy bottom either that or just watch him and the band he’s planning to put together play. But ideally both.