Victor Steele

Whenever I get together with my friends and we discuss Raging Stallion and its formidable array of studs – Victor Steele remains a much favorite topic. First, because he’s undeniably gorgeous, second, he’s got a fab chiseled bod, third, he’s got a steel hard thick rod that could prolly kill you if you guys have been on it for eight hours or more. WTF. Besides that, I think Victor’s also getting in the latest trend of gay porn stars getting jobs as fashion/ramp models. How kewl is that, no? And for that reason alone, I’m willing to spend 8 hours or more getting fucked by this dude. Who cares if I bleed and die from it?you can carve on my headstone – Died for the love of Steele. Check out this Stallion at Raging Stallion.